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China’s Forgotten Liberal Hero

Hu Yaobang, whose death 25 years ago triggered the Tiananmen Square protests, served China in an era of unprecedented openness. 

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why is this dude wasting his fucking money on cigs when hes not gonna smoke em your fucking metaphor isnt worth that much homie get a job 

Reblogging for the reaction gif.

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So fucking powerful.

This actually pissed me off when I saw it. People find it too easy to give a fucking opinion than a couple of quid to someone who has less than you. Fuck these arseholes man. I don’t class myself as particularly well off, and often have to buy everything on the cheap just to eat, but I always give what change I can spare to someone homeless. Done.

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ransom and i got married several months ago in an intimate ceremony, but recently had a larger reception for more family and friends, and it was a blast! as we’re both writers, it seemed fitting to have the event at one of our favorite bookstores: the last bookstore in downtown LA. we’ve had a lot of requests for photos, so i thought i’d drop a few here. [] hugs and books!” — taherehmafi

My new favorite couple.


Parisian chalk artist, Philippe Baudelocque

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What Cities Would Look Like Without Lights

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omg this is so cool take a look 

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Tumblr’s Sassy Dashboard.


Is Saturn giving birth to a new moon?

"Images taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft revealed the presence of a ‘bright, extended feature’ located at the edge of Saturn’s A ring. Dubbed ‘Peggy,’ this icy object could be the final moon of Saturn, say scientists."

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Mmmm….Peggy? Peggy?

"Homoerotic artist Tom of Finland honoured with racy postage stamps"